Special Tribunal for Lebanon Refuses to Declassify Al-Akhbar Indictment

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Published Friday, February 20, 2015

While the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) investigates the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, it continues to pursue a policy of secrecy in its public hearings. Now, its President David Baragwanath has stepped down to be succeeded by Judge Ivana Hrdlickova of the Czech Republic.

The STL’s Contempt Judge Nicola Lettieri has refused a request by Antonios Abou Kasm, the lawyer appointed by the tribunal to defend Al-Akhbar CEO Ibrahim al-Amin, asking the prosecution to hand over the indictment files against Amin and Al-Akhbar in the contempt case brought against them by the STL. Abou Kasm’s request was made as the spring hearing set for Amin and Al-Akhbar approaches.

Abu Kasm asked the STL to hand over the classified files via the STL’s office in Beirut, or the judge, so the defense can examine them. Judge Littieri, however, refused the request two days ago, saying that it is the defense lawyer’s duty to deliver the files to the defendant, at a time when there is no communication between Abu Kasm and Amin or Al-Akhbar, as the latter rejected the STL’s decision to appoint Abu Kasm as their defense lawyer.

Meanwhile, Al-Akhbar has learned that the former director general of the Internal Security Forces, Major-General Ali Hajj, sent three letters to the court, requesting copies of the statements made by witnesses who mentioned him during their testimonies, in the past as well as during recent hearings. According to available information, Hajj’s letters stressed that what the witnesses said in recent hearings “were political positions unrelated to the crime.”

At the STL, the judges of the Appeals Chamber elected Judge Hrdlickova as STL president succeeding Judge Sir David Baragwanath of New Zealand, who has served as STL president since October 2011. According to an STL statement, the judges re-elected Judge Ralph Riachi as vice president.

The statement said that Hrdlickova was elected for a period of 18 months, starting March 1, 2015. The election of the president and the vice president is in accordance with Article 8(2) of the STL Statute and Rule 31 of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence. Judge Baragwanath will continue to serve as an Appeals Chamber Judge.

The STL statement said, “Judge Hrdlickova began her career as a judge in 1990 and has presided over both civil and criminal cases.” She holds a Ph.D. from the law faculty of Charles University in Prague in Shariah law and speaks Arabic. She was appointed an Appeals Chamber Judge in November 2012.

The president of the STL has a wide range of responsibilities, including oversight of the effective functioning of the STL and the good administration of justice, as well as representing the STL in relations with states, the United Nations, and other entities, the STL statement said.


This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.



It has partially to do with familiarization (socialization) in the "corridors of power", as being brought up within a sertain system and later schooled by university institutions who in the case of law (juridicum, as well as political economy and other) are products of the English radical philosophers - better known as mercantilists and liberalists - and therefore are inately liberal institutions. They are alas not scientifically critical toward the "self" as a science should be, and as many other university institutions are, rather they are by (its true) definition idiologies: a set of ideas about society meant to veil the truth.

After law school they take an oath, swear/what ever they call it, allegiance, to BAR. You should check out BAR if your interested in the genealogical root of this Babylon 2.0 we're living in, David Icke has a great clip on Utube called City of London explaining this in deapth (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVkk1zKdkMo).

PS to my remarks about how Icke knows he isn't programmed himself. I made fun of his claim about people turning into dragons, but Scott Peck has a description of an exorcism he, a noted psychiatrist, participated in (at the patient's request) as a appendix to his "People of the Lie", a book about patients whose problems stemmed from their own or someone else's lying. The patient acted like a snake at one point during the throes of the exorcism. There is a part of the human brain, down near the neck, sometimes called the reptilian brain, since it resembles the brain of a reptile, upon which the more advanced brain parts are built by the evolutionary process, culminating in the cerebral cortex, the supposed seat of reason, but of imagination at any rate, up at the top and front. I saw someone once, in the throes of a spiritual crisis, who hissed like a snake for no apparent reason at one point, but apparently as a gesture or expression of defiance. It was quite startling.
I believe I read once a suggestion by a psychiatrist that that behavior known as being a "lounge lizard", displayed by a man who hangs about cocktail lounges hoping to pick up women and who seems to believe that he is "God's gift to women", might be manifesting behavior stemming from the reptilian brain. The essence of freedom is reason, or vice versa, so that it is always possible to decide to not be reasonable and instead to indulge one's lower proclivities, which are always there since we, like reptiles, must still eat, find warmth, reproduce, etc. Do Lebanese warlords hiss if challenged?

I have for many years been troubled with persistent turning into a dragon, as David Icke describes at about minute 28 in the video you suggested. I wonder if my reading his book would supply me with the frequency-adjustment technology to prevent a recurrence of this regrettable experience.
How does David Icke know that his video, his books, are not the result of an even more subtle and insidious "programming"? Plausibly, I don't think people are going to accept his claim that the actual powers of the world, the thirteen families, turn back and forth into dragons and then into people; but there is enough plausible stuff in that video, about people compartmentalizing their personalities, especially with what I will call shame walls, especially when they don't want to think about things that happened or that they did when they were very young, etc., on the one hand, and on the other there is enough about actual practical power politics in the video, about agent provocateurs, propaganda campaigns, etc., to sketch a true picture of how democracy is undermined by power brokers with a lot of money and access; yet because Icke conflates that plausible stuff with this implausible stuff about people turning literally into dragons, the viewer might dismiss it all as mere conspiracy-theorist rantings. A regime might hope to accomplish some defensive cover of its war-mongering, etc., by using Icke in this way: if that were possible. So how does Icke know he is not the pawn, the Manchurian candidate, in that conspiracy? Let me suggest the following, although my first reaction to my own question is that nobody is that stupid, that guillible, that distractible. In any event: if he has ever met anybody with what he calls multiple personalities--the only people I've met who might be described that way did it quite evidently on purpose--I am suggesting that he would find that those he met, too, did it on purpose. And also that they were in general so disorganized, in the process of maintaining this carnival of competing personalities, that nobody around them would be in much doubt about their, let me call it, inattentiveness. Not the sort of people to manage trillion dollar investment portfolios. And yet if you could meet the actual head of an actual warmongering conspiracy--I'm thinking of Tsar Nicholas II and his wife--who bungled their way into WWI and the downfall, so far, of Russian monarchy, I think you might well find people who were truly, as one commenter says at the Icke video website, "dissociated" and yet at the pinnacle of a pyramid of power, the lowers members of which evidently took this dissociation as something holy.
Speaking of Lebanese warlords, I wonder what al Rahi and Geagea talk about when they get together socially? Is it about the mother ship waiting on the dark side of the moon to whisk them and their millions off to an off-shore banking paradise on the moons of Jupiter?
Perhaps you can tell I have a law degree.

It is incredible that the--whoever is behind the STL--can find lawyers, so-called, willing to be judges or any other staff position in this highly irregular if not preposterous enterprise.
Some people joke that the modern Western idea of justice is "whatever the guy in the black robe says". (In the US most judges wear black robes while performing their official functions in courtrooms.) If the guys wearing the black robes really believe that themselves, that would explain why public administration in the West is moribund. There is no spirit of criticism. Take Egypt as an example of the significance of this development: did these Mubarak/Sisi judges dream up their reign of error on their own, or are they encouraged in it by Western legal values?
"Preposterous" should become a normal legal term in these conditions. It means literally "the back is in front".

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